Japanese Manga and Animation

Japanese Manga and animation
Entertainment media affect our world so much because, nowadays, people rely on entertainment media to make them happy and to reduce stress. It’s both affecting on the way we think and our mental activity. Television series is considered as the main entertainment products for people to enjoy and this is including animation too. Mostly, people have known already that animation is a Japanese cartoon that developed and came from Manga. According to Wiki ‘’Manga’’ defines are comics created in Japan or by creators in the Japanese language. Although manga and animation have just appeared on recent year in America, people already considered them as art. However, some of the people mistook that animation is Japanese cartoons and manga are Japanese comics. This belief is not wrong but there also are comic and cartoon from western too. Most comics are aimed at children, manga aims at every audience and has a wide range of genres to choose from such as Fantasy and that makes it a favoured hobby. It is believed manga represent the basis for the right-to-left reading style, unlike the comic that reading from left to right. In this essay, I will write about how manga and animation effect on Japanese culture.

Firstly, manga and animation have a very long history and their popularity has increased over the time passed especially the history of manga is said to originate from scrolls dating back to the 12th century. Also, they have improved their quality in artwork and motion compared within the past. In Japan, they played an important role in a part of Japanese people’s life. In the past, when it comes across with manga and animation, people will especially think that they are a bad influence on their children or people who enjoy watching and reading them

In my opinion, they have both positive and negative things because it is up to viewer of how they will use, learn and adapt for their life. However, limitation is the key because too much of everything is bad. As an example, most of the people who watch animation and read manga don’t know how to stop after they read and watched for a long period of time and, unfortunately, most of animation and manga have more than 1 season. This problem affects their health, money and time. If you watch an animation more than study your grade will drop. If you read manga more than spending time with your family and friends, it will affect your relationship with them. In order to solve this problem, being responsible and know your limitation is the main point.

Moreover, today, to fulfil the demands of many readers and audiences especially boy, numerous manga start to add all those forbidden scenes and appearance to animation and manga. I’ve seen a lot of manga that the main actress has very big boobs. This can lead children to attracted and addicted to those things instead of study. Also, the growing of popularity of bloody animation and manga that full with battle scenes and like Gundam wings and Tokyo Ghoul is also increased. Those bloody animation and manga can affect children’s behaviour to make them become an aggressive person or affect depression. The percentage of children risking in involving with violence also increases if they start to watch animation and manga like this. Also, animation and manga are like a cigarette, it’s easy to get addicted to them. There is even a stereotype of Japanese manga and animation involving in sexual objects. This is because Japanese famous product is AV movie, so it is obvious that Americans will think in that way. However, it is different in Japan, it is normal for an adult to read manga in public. Some of the successful person or billionaire has a hobby of reading manga too.

Even though animation and manga have a lot of disadvantages, however, on the other hand, they also good for people for some reasons. First, it helps to entertain people who don’t have friend to hang out. Also, it cheers up those who depressed, as an example, one of my friends affect depression so I’m tried to convince him to watch an animation. At first, he didn’t believe me but when he watched it, his depression disorder become better and totally gone. This is because some of the animations teach us to become a better person. As an example, ‘’Naruto’’ is one of the most popular animations not just in Japan but throughout the world. Naruto at first is a loser, a clumsy person that everyone doesn’t like. However, he is not giving up and lived his life happily until he was a successful person. There’s a quote he said, “If you don’t like your destiny, don’t accept it, instead have courage to change it.” This quote easily persuades people to be a better person. Also, it taught us how important of friendship, to fight for what is right and to pursue the things that you want. Also, being responsible and having passion. However, as I said, limitation is the key, don’t waste your precious time on watching animation and reading manga too much. It’s beyond the line. Manga and Animation meant for entertainment not to give life for. You must stay in reality not cartoon world.

In conclusion, Animation and Manga has a lot of impact on our society. It has both positive and negative which is up to how we used, learn and adapt to our life. If you read and watch a lot of manga and animation, it can lead to addiction, affect on living behaviour and waste your precious time. However, if you watch just in case for entertainment in free time, that is good because it helps you to relieve stress, anxiety and can teach you a lot of things to make your life better. In the end, Manga and Animation meant for entertainment not to give life for. You must stay in reality not cartoon world and limitation is the key.

Doraemon Family

Doraemon has a younger sister name Dorami. She is yellow-skinned and has ears like a large red bow. She lived with Sewashi so she doesn’t appear often in the movie. She only appeared when Doraemon is off-duty or to help Doraemon with something. She and Doraemon are sibling because they shared half of the oil from a can. Although Doraemon seems to be really clever when he with Nobita but, truthfully, he is very clumsy when he is with Dorami. Dorami scared of a cockroach but she’s the smartest student during her school time and has better skills in using gadgets. 

History of Doraemon’s ears

At first, Doraemon basically has an appearance just like other robotic cat. However, back at the time when doraemon owned by Sewashi, doraemon ear’s got gnawed off by robotic rat. It’s because Sewashi making the model of doraemon, so he took out robotic rat to carve the model of doraemon’s ear but the rat mistook his word and went to the real doraemon to eat his ear. This event causes him to be in depression and drank a potion called sadness. He cried until his colour blue got washed off and this it causes Doraemon to develop musophobia.

Friend of Doraemon

Nobita is one of the main protagonists in Doraemon series. He has black hair and always wearing glasses. He usually wears a yellow t-shirt and navy blue short. It could be told that Nobita is one of the failure person in Doraemon series. He is a lazy person which always napping in the class and wake up late to school. Also, he always got bullied by his classmates ‘’Gian and Suneo’’. However, after he met with Doraemon and became best friend together, it changed his world. Nobita begs Doraemon for a special gadget to revenge Gian and Suneo on his bullies.

Favourite food

Doraemon is also well known for his favorite food dorayaki or knows as yummy bun. It is a Japanese threat which is a red-bean pancake which consists of two small pancake-like patties made from castellan wrapped around filling with red bean. In the past, he is the champion of the 30 Dorayaki Eating Contest, he ate a bedroom sized dorayaki, and had went into the Genius Book of Records for eating the largest dorayaki in the quickest time. Doraemon is very addicted to this threat to the point that he can’t continue his life without them, Nobita always tricked doraemon to do something wrong by bought him dorayaki.

Doraemon Appearance

Doraemon appeared as a cat-like robot but people often mistake him for a raccoon dog. In 1995, the film shows his original appearance. When first created, Doraemon had ears and his colour is yellow, however, he turns blue after sobbing. Doraemon has a fourth-dimensional pocket located on his stomach which stored all special gadgets, medicines, and tools from the future, but it has to be purchased in department stores in the future. His pocket can take out many things doesn’t matter how big it is. Doraemon can be turned off when his balloon tail got pulled.

Doraemon Gadgets

Doraemon has his favourite gadgets include Hopter, anywhere door and time machine. Hopter is a small helicopter placed on the head, allowing them to fly. Anywhere door is a door that can lead to anywhere the user desires. Time machine is the machine that you can travel back through time. All these gadgets are originally brought from department store in the future. Formerly there will be only 1 gadget came out in each chapter, except those that were used oftently. Doraemon’s has 4500 gadgets in total but there are 1963 gadgets that had been used, recorded by Dr. Yokoyama Yasuyuki.

History of Doraemon

Doraemon is a blue male robotic cat which his name can be translated as stray in japanese language. His weight 129zg and 129.3cm tall. He was built in Matsushiba robot factory in Tokyo on 14 July in the year 2112. His serial number is MS-903.During his manufacture, there was some errors which made Doraemon unlike other standard products. This is due to his features that losing such as radar whiskers and cat-calling. This affect on both his studies and towards society. In order to improve his personality, Doraemon got sended to the special school. Doraemon did not do well at the robot’s school so, he got sold in the market.Sewashi Nobi or Nobita’s great great-grandfather found out and brought him ,and sended to Nobita afterwards.